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How Does a Studio Grow?

There are a few simple levers that a studio owner can use to grow. Which ones will you use?

Get More Students

You should be able to predict how many inquiries and sign-ups your studio will receive each month. We train studio owners how to get students on autopilot using efficient marketing strategies.


Charging premium prices is the end result of focused messaging and quality marketing. Raising rates doesn’t just mean you make more… it’s a competitive advantage that will help you fund further growth. We show studio owners the path towards being the “premier” studio in their area.


A studio owner can’t grow if they are stuck in the quagmire of day-to-day operations. Once you’ve automated and delegated, you are able to completely focus on numerical and financial growth.
We’ve helped studio owners get time back and enjoy their career again!


Whether you are a single-teacher studio or a studio with 40 teachers employed… a group lessons program offers a strategic advantage: more students in less time. Grow has helped 200+ studios begin or improve a group lesson program in their studio.

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Client Results

Over 600 studios have worked with us in the past few years… ranging in size from small studios to music schools with 500+ students.
Here’s just a sampling of the successes that our clients have experienced.


    Studio Growth


    Group Lessons

Three Areas of Studio Business

Studios grow when they make breakthroughs in these three areas: service delivery, marketing, and team. Discover what Grow Your Music Studio has to offer in increasing profitability and effectiveness in each of these areas.

Studio Marketing Masterclass

How to get new students on autopilot, regardless of whether you want to grow by dozens or hundreds

Successful Group Lessons

How to increase your studio margins by 2x-3x and begin a high-value, multi-level group program

Scale Your Studio

How to scale your studio to any size, hire effective staff and assistants, and work less than an hour a day in your studio

We’ve Helped 716 Studios Grow and Counting…