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EP19 - Growth Advice From a Pro Marketer (Interview with Brian)

I recently had a conversation with Brian who added 100 students to his roster in just under six months. The interesting thing about Brian is that he has a background in marketing. He left the corporate world to open a music school. I thought: “I should interview him and see if he was willing to reveal his ‘secrets’ to the world.” Brian is very candid about what he did to grow RockU Music. And, the best part? There’s nothing he did that only an “expert” could pull off…. So, the content of this interview will be applicable to small and large studios.

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EP33 - 300 Students with Only 2 Teachers (w. Greg Genter)

If I told you it was possible to see 300 piano students per week with just 2 teachers… And, if I told you that some of those students were playing at an elite level… Would you believe me? If these claims seem far-fetched… you are going to want to tune in for this episode of 7-Figure Music School.

EP45 - Wisdom from a 10,000 Student Music School

In this episode, we tap into the wisdom of an academy owner… who owns 37 music schools! Listen in as he sheds light on what it takes to grow a music school to 7 figures… plus, the 2 big mistakes that music academy owners make.

EP23 - How to Keep Students for 10 Years

Much has been said and written about retention… But is it possible that most people get this wrong? Is it possible that retention *isn’t* about prizes, gimmicks, bracelets, and short-sighted tactics? In this episode, Nate and Daniel throw down the gauntlet, dig deep, and talk about what TRULY drives great retention.

EP1 - How Nate Built a 7-Figure Music School with Great Margins

Meet Nate… who grew a school from serving a few dozen families per year to over 1000 families per year at Brooklyn Music Factory.
In this episode, Nate reveals the foundational concept that helped him massively scale in one of the toughest markets in the world… New York City!

EP2 - The Framework to Build a 7-Figure Music School

Go behind the scenes of a school that generates $1M+ in revenue… See what makes it tick, the systems, the hiring procedures… no holds barred, no stone unturned.

About Us

Nate Shaw

Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Music Factory

Nate is an entrepreneur, musician and teacher. For more than 25 years he has been bringing his mission of building community through music to the world. Whether it’s playing jazz for the US State Department in Europe, writing music for Oprah, or leading 20 faculty at the school he co-founded in 2009, the Brooklyn Music Factory, Nate is dedicated to inspiring new relationships, and deepening existing ones. 

Daniel Patterson

Founder and CEO, Grow Your Music Studio

As an expert in marketing and communication, Daniel leads Grow Your Music Studio in the pursuit of understanding the studio owners with whom he works, approaching each relationship with curiosity. As of late 2021, Grow Your Music Studio has worked with over 650 studios and the business has generated millions of dollars in additional profits for its clients (across Europe, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States).