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Meet Daniel Patterson

Studio Owner, Marketer, and Founder of GrowYourMusicStudio.com

Hello! I’m Daniel.

Since 2015, I’ve helped nearly 1000 studios increase their revenue, the quality of their lessons, and their student retention.

I’ve done this through the material that is available to you right now on this site.

At Grow Your Music Studio, we take a different approach than many other studio growth programs that are available on the market.

We don’t teach conceptual or idealistic principles. You won’t find “tips” or “hacks” on this site.


We give you the professional systems and marketing frameworks that I personally use in my studio…

You copy and paste what is working for us and hundreds of our clients’ studios all over the world…then tweak it for your market and message.

Daniel’s Marketing Journey
In 2004, I began my personal studio days after graduating from college with my music education degree.

Not long after that, I teamed up with a colleague and we formed a music summer camp in metro Washington D.C. We called it The Piano Express. I was put in charge of marketing that company.

I learned that simply offering music lessons wasn’t enough to get people to act. We had to tap into something deeper.

The story of my early professional life was learning how to market effectively.

By 2010, we grew that camp to hundreds of campers every summer.

And, I grew my personal studio to six figures, with only myself as the teacher…working 23 hours per week.

I had my marketing dialed in. My message was effective. Studio growth felt easy. Helping kids succeed at music felt easy.

I went on this way for some time… working in my own studio and running the marketing of several other studios.

That’s when a new idea was formed.

I wanted to help other teachers and studio owners experience this same success.

Our Company

Grow Your Music Studio was founded in September of 2015.

The business was started without a product or anything to sell. At the beginning, I had a simple goal: to teach what I had learned about marketing music lessons.

However, within two months we already had broken the five figure mark as studios began to respond to the material I was writing on the blog. In those early days, we built marketing for studios that came to us.

As time went on, it became clear that our clients wanted a variety of solutions: coaching, training, marketing templates, and done-for-you services. We helped these studios reach their goals through the work we did with them.

As of mid-2023, we have worked with over 800 studios and the business has generated millions of dollars in additional profits for our clients. We have clients in Europe, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States.

Our overriding goal is to understand the studio owners with whom we work. We approach each new studio and relationship with curiosity.… Never assuming that we know what’s best for them until we’ve learned their goals and obstacles.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve said it before, but this is really my biggest aha moment — Marketing is not some amorphous magical thing that business people somehow can do. It is nothing more than communicating the value of my product to potential clients in a meaningful manner. This course taught me how to find my market, find out what they need, and to communicate to them how my studio fulfills those needs.

And the fact that it’s directed specifically at music studio owners is priceless to me — I was scared enough of marketing without worrying about translating general stuff to my specific situation.”



“5 months and some amazing work later, I have almost doubled my enrollment. I have a smarter, sharper way of thinking about my programming, after pointing everything toward a customer-oriented message.

Less time goes into answering leads, phone calls and payment processing, freeing up time for not only creating revenue, but for putting energy toward creative projects- something I’ve been desperate to focus on.”



"My expectations were greatly exceeded. The content provided was organized, clear, and effective. The live sessions were incredibly valuable and gave a community feel to our normally lonely profession. The recommendations for further reading were icing on the cake. AND I didn't realize at first that I have access to all this wonderful stuff forever!!!

Not only did I learn about marketing, I learned how to immediately implement each concept directly into my real life studio. I know I am going to keep coming back to these materials as I grow into a more skilled studio marketer."

Christiana Deal

Cedarburg, WI

“This Masterclass helped me realize the importance of marketing to promote my piano studio... I learned that it takes much more than simply writing an ad and hoping to get results. The steps of this course helped me to research my customer, improve my copywriting and understand the different mediums through which I can reach my customers and acquire new students. It also taught me that it is not a "one and done" project, but that it is a process that will continue to improve and develop.

I also appreciated how accessible Daniel was and how he was truly invested in our success as individuals and for our studios.”

Nicklas Carmody

Gilbert, AZ

“In this training, I learned not only a lot of information on how to grow my studio, but also how to THINK about everything. This includes applying my own mindset, personality, and goals to the concepts presented. In addition, I learned how to figure out what my customers are thinking, feeling, and what they really want. This allows me to really form my marketing in a more focused way. One of the best things about this training is the incredible amount of detail and sequence of the material. Step by step, I was taken through a process that was already laid out in a way to make it easy!

To compare it to other marketing courses or trainings I've taken (not necessarily in our specific field of business), other systems might provide lots of information, but leave you trying to figure out all the steps and specific ways to apply it to your own profession. In this training, it’s already fit to the music studio business, and I was guided along the way. I loved the fact that I could ask any questions along the way Daniel or other SMM members could help answer.”

Clinton Pratt

Cincinnati, OH

“Our studio has evolved as many others from a single teacher one to a multi-teacher studio. When we started working towards the new goal, we felt lost in marketing. We didn't like marketing at all and it was all a big black box, no windows. We thought marketing was about tricking someone into getting to work with you and we definitely didn't like that feeling.

We joined the training at the same time we were starting at our new commercial location and are now confident this was the right decision and definitively worth every single penny. We now know how to address our customers (parents and adults), how to relate to them and we also have the tools to create great working marketing campaigns.

Lastly, our results:

We started at our commercial location in November 2018 with 37 students and 3 teachers. Just 5 months after (April 2018) we are counting 104 students and 9 teachers and growing! Our goal for this first school year was to reach 100 students by July. Numbers speak for themselves. And we didn't even have the time to apply everything we've learned yet. We've got a big to-do list that will help us grow even more at a steady pace.

Thanks to this training (and our hard work) we are now sure we will survive our first year as a business.

Thanks again Daniel and the team!”

Elena & Marta Maroto

London, ENG

“In the last five years or so of teaching, I've found that my students are practicing less and less at home. The traditional one-on-one lesson format that I've been working with for over 35 years has been increasingly frustrating for me, and for my students. I had considered several other models of group lessons over the past few years, but hadn't found one that I felt would really work well for my students and still allow me to use the materials (repertoire and technology) that I have grown to love.

Daniel's SGL training is so thorough and well thought out. He takes you step-by-step through the entire process, covering many issues that I hadn't even considered. Being able to watch the videos and study the notes as I have the time to do so has been perfect for my busy schedule! The additional resource of the private Facebook Group is a treasure chest of real, in-the-field stories of teachers who have already "been there, done that".

I can honestly say that this is the most excited I've been about teaching in a very long time. That excitement made it very easy to convert almost my entire studio over to the new format in a matter of weeks! Students have been eager for the change, as they no longer have to apologize for not practicing between lessons. Parents are looking forward to seeing (and hearing) better progress, without having to nag students to practice as much. I am most looking forward to what I believe will be much better practice habits across the board.

From a personal standpoint, I'm already seeing two rewards - I no longer teach on Saturdays, and I'm finishing earlier two nights during the week (with no loss of income). To me, that makes the investment worth every penny! I will also admit to really loving the beautiful almost-silence in my studio while students are working away with their headphones on. I believe that any teacher who is aching for a change -- who wants to stop teaching the same lesson to their students week after week -- owes it to themselves to give this a try.”

Anna Fagan

Clermont, FL

“I joined SGL because I didn't see my studio growing, due to time and space constraints. I knew groups were the only way to increase my student base and income, but had no idea how to do it or if I had the energy to do it. Completely skeptical (and frightened) of grouping kids together, I toyed with the idea of taking this training for over a year. But, ultimately decided that I either had to make a positive change in my studio or shut it down....Daniel's story of how he had once needed to do the same finally convinced me to enroll. The training was nothing like I thought it would be -- it was easy, I felt very secure and comfortable with making changes to my studio, I was immediately on board with the value of teaching in groups once I learned this method.

My excitement for the program spilled over to my students right away...they were excited to change, and so were the parents. I converted my studio within a month of the training and enjoy teaching 100% better. I also truly believe this way of teaching to be more beneficial to my students, and would highly recommend the training to any teacher who wants their students to be stronger readers and more independent. It's been worth the investment simply because I'm enjoying teaching more than I have in decades, and it has quadrupled my income-per-hour ratio.”

Susan Flinn

Stafford, VA

"This course is organized and to the point. You will find lots of specific information and outlines and templates that will get you going with your group classes right away. You will get the opportunity to see firsthand how Daniel runs his group lessons with simplicity and ease. All your questions will be answered. Daniel is a terrific listener and never just gives canned answers. He gets to the the heart of your questions and gives you real workable solutions.

It is much easier to get started on your adventure with top notch guidance and a support team, so go for it."

Ruth Michaelis

Spokane, WA

"After having taught group lessons for slightly over 2 years, I was disappointed that out of more than 70 students I only had 4 group classes running. I knew that I needed help with how to market effectively, along with making some further improvement to the educational component.

After reading through multiple blogs and websites I found Daniel's site and subscribed to receive his emails. His content resonated far more with me than other content I had read elsewhere! The training has been very valuable! So far, I've completely changed my marketing approach to that which is advocated in the course. The change in my results was immediately obvious. Previously, I struggled to enroll new students in my group program; most parents simply opted for one-to-one lessons. Within the last 3 weeks I've had enquiries for a total of 6 new beginner students. These have all been placed into the group format by following the marketing strategy within the course! This wouldn't have happened before! I'm sure I'll continue to experience success with the same strategy going forward.

I've found the process of converting current one-to-one to group much easier than I thought- all thanks to this course! I'd very much recommend SGL to anyone who is serious about expanding their studio through providing group lessons!"

Frazer Mitchell

Wichita Falls, TX

“Beauty, simplicity and clarity - I didn’t expect this program to bring these to my life. But it happened. Working with a team and building great systems is AMAZING. I’m never going back to working solo again.”

Karen Lien

San Antonio, TX

“I joined this program because I had the feeling that my lack of skill & experience with hiring was preventing me from growing. It wasn't a matter of "growing" anymore - more growth meant more work, and not the good kind. The training showed me ALL the steps to hire, turn the business in a machine that I can step away from, and help the staff feel confident and competent while creating top-notch work well into the future.

If you are a BUSINESS OWNER, period, you should take this course. Obviously it’s geared to music studios, but that doesn’t matter, IMO. Lots of good principles in here that can be applied anywhere. Taking this training is like finding the key to unlocking the door to How-to-Make-A-Business-Grow-to-any-Size. Once you understand how it’s done, you can’t un-understand it.”

Brett Crudgington

New York, NY

“I didn't know how to go about delegating in my studio, or whether it was even truly realistic for my studio size and income, but I knew I needed to start somewhere. All I can say is wow! There is so much content in this course, that will not only expand your mind and show you what's possible in your studio, but it is broken down into manageable steps to help you figure out what to do next. I have a greater understanding of how my business should function and even what I should be aiming for.

This course is packed with tons of value and Daniel over-delivers in his content as usual! If you are to truly run a business, it needs to be able to function to some extent without you, and you can only achieve this through systems, automation, and delegation. If you want to have some freedom in your life from having to work every single aspect of your business, then you need to take this course!”

Alison Suell

Louisville, KY

“I joined this course in order to learn more about automating our business so that we had more time to work on our business. I also wanted to know the processes and procedures for hiring an assistant or later on another instructor to be able to help us to grow quicker. This course taught all of that and more! By taking this course, we have realized how important it is to have processes and procedures in place so that we don’t have to be the center of the business all the time. It’s also great to have these in place so that it is easy to hand things over to an assistant without having to explain something over and over again.

This course was definitely worth the investment just like everything else that Daniel puts out. If you want your business to expand and grow beyond what you even thought was possible, you should take this program.”

Paul & Melissa Lucas

Hinesville, GA

“I was on the hunt to increase my revenue in my business, have more students, and get pulled around by demanding parents less. I really needed something that was going to bring some return on investment, which I definitely feel like I’ve gotten.

I have definitely been transformed as far as my personality, my knowledge base, and my way of thinking as a result of the coaching that I received. there’s incredible value in just meeting with someone on a regular basis to troubleshoot problems and things in a certain field. So, I’m grateful for the accountability.

From February 2018 (where I was just beginning to work with Daniel) to the end of the second contract, was a little bit more than 3x that initial revenue. And, a couple weeks ago, I paid off all of my credit card debt. Would I invest in coaching again? Yes, in a heartbeat. Just knowing that it took me from where I was at and what I was earning… I’m incredibly grateful for the business I’ve set up. I wouldn’t have imagined that I could be thriving in my income and feeling very fulfilled in my work and with my students.”

Eric Rinehart

Costa Mesa, CA

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