3 Effective Ways to Promote Music Lessons for Kids – Our Guide

by Daniel Patterson

3 Effective Ways to Promote Music Lessons for Kids – Our Guide

Getting people to enroll in your music studio is not easy, especially if you don’t know where to find them. Most likely, you can only get new clients through referrals from current clients.

Promotion and marketing for business owners seem easy, but not when you realize that it doesn’t reach the right targets. To help you with your music studio for kids, here are a few basic marketing strategies that can help you get in touch with your potential clients:


Go to where the kids are

Since your music studio caters to kids, then look and go to places where they spend most of their time. Here are some areas you can consider: 

  • School event: Of course, where would kids possibly be at other than schools? Visit local schools nearby and schedule an appointment meeting with the administration. Ask them if you can build a booth during a school event. Most of the time, this is the best way to engage with kids since they usually get excited to visit booths at the event. 
  • Local kids’ fair: Check whether there is a kids’ fair happening in your area soon. If there is one, contact the event organizer and request to join the fair. This area can also be a good spot where you can build a booth to promote your business.
  • Family Park: Going to family parks is also advisable, especially that the kids are with their parents. In that way, you can talk to parents directly and encourage them to enroll their children for music lessons.
  • Playground: Weekends are the best days to go to playgrounds since this is when kids usually spend their time off-school. Like in family parks, you can also promote your business here directly to the kids’ parents.
  • Neighborhood: You can also choose this option if you specifically want to market your business to parents. Prepare brochures or leaflets that promote your business well.

Utilize social media sites

 It’s not surprising to know that kids today have accounts on social media sites as well, especially on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The advantage with this is you can also reach out to parents who would love to enroll their kids for some music lessons.

Social media is a free platform where you can market your business. It is easy-to-use, and it reaches a wider audience. To make sure you’re not wasting your time and resources on the internet, here are some basic content ideas that you can post to get engagements:

  • Schedules of music classes
  • Footage of some performances
  • Testimonials from previous and current clients
  • Entertaining and informative content about music
  • Blogs about the positive effects of music lessons for kids

Be visible online

Now that everyone seems to be present online, then you should get your business involved in the digital market as well. Although creating a website for your music studio can be easy, getting on top of the digital market is not.

Today, businesses rely so much on search engine optimization (SEO). In reaching your target clients, you should know what they search specifically online. Once you have found the right keywords that your potential clients use, you should incorporate those keywords into your website content. Doing so will lead them directly to your business site, creating leads, which may turn into real clients. In fact, according to some studies, business pages that show up on the first page of search engine results garner 36.4 percent web traffic.

You can also consider doing guest posting on related websites, which will help you generate more leads. 


Getting clients and increasing retention rates can be hard, especially for business owners who didn’t know how to market their businesses effectively.

If you own a music studio or do one-on-one music lessons with kids, we recommend that you consult a reputable studio marketing agency to help grow out your business. Contact us today, and we’ll help you be visible online.

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Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. He began teaching in 2004. He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer.

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