Gamifying Your Summer Camps (w. Greg Genter) [7FMS Ep. #108]

by Daniel Patterson


Now’s the time to be thinking and preparing for your summer session…

So, we invited our friend Greg Genter (from back on the show to talk summer camps.

Greg and Daniel built a beginner music summer camp in northern Virginia.

The camp eventually enrolled hundreds of new campers each summer… growth that was built on word of mouth and a tiny marketing budget.

Parents loved the camp and told their friends about it!

A huge part of the success of the camp was the gamification that was built directly into the curriculum…

An element that eventually led to the development of the Piano Express year-round curriculum and the current gamified version of the camp.

Listen as Greg talks about how to build a successful summer camp… and how to convert those summer campers into year-round students.

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Here’s what we cover in the episode:

  • What your summer camp can do for your community that a weekly lesson couldn’t
  • How to get students to come to your summer camp
  • Choosing curriculum for your summer camp
  • Creating a gamified, technology-based camp that students love
  • Defining what works and what doesn’t for your camp
  • More ways to get students to come to your summer camp (from home)
  • Marketing your camp (through ads, social media, etc.)
  • Converting your summer camp students to year-round students
  • Staffing your summer camp

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Show Notes

Here are the summer camp episodes we mentioned in the episode…

How to Sell Out Your Summer Camps | 7FMS Ep 57 In this episode, we go into great detail about how to successfully promote a summer camp in your music school. You will learn when to begin promoting your music camps, how to promote your music camps, what marketing and advertising methods to use to promote your music camps, and how to grow your camps year after year.


Creating a Powerful Summer Camp (w. Peira Moinester) | 7FMS Ep 59 How do you create a high quality summer camp? To explore that topic, we invited Peira Moinester onto the show… the chief architect of Brooklyn Music Factory’s summer music camp program. Peira has overseen the growth of the BMF summer camp from a few dozen campers to a camp so large that its yearly revenue is greater than what most music school’s make in a year! In this episode, she talks about the creation and administration of a summer camp program that can change your student’s lives and your school’s future.


Summer Camps: Pricing for Profit | 7FMS Ep 60 In this episode, we talk about pricing, profit, expenses, and roles that you need to make summer your MOST PROFITABLE quarter of the year. If you already have a camp, or you want to begin one… this is a must-hear episode!


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One last thing… you’ll definitely want to tune in next week. 

Tim Topham is coming on the show to talk about a related topic… helping kids succeed early in their music journey.

Don’t want to miss that!


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Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. He began teaching in 2004. He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer.

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