See more students in less time with a high-quality group program.


  • Battle-tested group program curriculum that has been used by over 200 studios on 4 continents. We’ve helped studios ranging in size from 20 students to 500+ students
  • See multiple levels and ages of students at the same time… with no loss in instructional quality!
  • Get parents on board with our “4 Magic Marketing Messages.” Clients who use our “switchover” process experience 90%-100% conversion rates within one month
  • Learn how to adapt ANY traditional method to a group model… so that you don’t have to change method books to begin your program
  • Double or triple your enrollment without adding more hours or staff to your studio
  • Our group method has seen success with piano, guitar, violin, cello, drums, and voice programs
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How Do You Want to Grow Your Studio?

Get More Students

Bring in $1000s in new revenue with a studio funnel

Begin Group Lessons

Start a high-quality group program that parents say “Yes!” to

Free Up Time

Scale your studio, make more, and in less time