Get your time back. Scaling doesn’t have to mean 70 hour work weeks. Whether you’re a studio of 50 or 500, your studio will grow organically when you build systems and invest in a team.


  • Steal all of our scaling templates: employee contracts, job descriptions, training manuals, and example systems from members of our studio community
  • I’ll show you the one business tool that transformed my business, helped me relax, and made it possible for my team to execute with consistency. We’ll get your business out of your head and into a manual… and the best news is, you won’t have to write it!
  • Use the hiring process and interview questions that have brought A+ assistants, teachers, admins, marketing employees, and other team players onto my team…don’t overthink this. Just follow this checklist!
  • Employees and clients will walk all over you if they sense a lack of leadership… learn the tools, communication principles, and mindsets that will enroll these people into your vision
  • Use my “Studio Delegation List” to get a vision for what you can immediately get off your plate. You will get hours of your life back every week as soon as you watch this training video
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How Do You Want to Grow Your Studio?

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Begin Group Lessons

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Free Up Time

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