Group Lessons: Train Your Team to Teach For You

by Daniel Patterson

Group Lessons: Train Your Team to Teach For You

One of the more challenging aspects of owning a music school is hiring, training, and retaining great teachers.

In fact, in my many years of consulting with music schools, the “hiring problem” is the most commonly cited “sticking point” for owners.

That may be the case for many schools… but not for Greg’s school in Northern Virginia.

In this video, Greg explains the hiring and training system that he uses to run a 300 student music school with just 2 teachers and a few teaching assistants.

And – he even shows how YOU can borrow his entire training framework to train your staff.

There’s nothing to buy or download… full details in the video below.



Video Content

  • (0:44) Greg’s experience with hiring and training his teachers in his first years

  • (3:51) How many teachers & assistants will you need to run a group program?

  • (7:44) Is it challenging for teachers to train to teach groups for you? How long does it take?

  • (10:13) The easiest way to train your team to teach group lessons for you

  • (13:34) How can I hire to maintain flexibility in hours?

  • (17:08) How to find, hire, and train teacher assistants in your school

  • (24:16) Final thoughts about the hiring, training, & retraining system for your group studio


If teaching group music lessons is the key to maximizing your time and income…

Then training a team of teachers to teach for you unlocks a new lever in scaling your music school!

Piano Express gives even small studios and online studios a scalable solution for teaching groups and having your team teach groups with you!


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Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. He began teaching in 2004. He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer.

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