Take My Profitable Music Lesson Business Plan

by Daniel Patterson

Take My Profitable Studio Business Plan

Over the years, I have created blog posts and videos around MANY topics that are important to studio owners.


I’ve created really detailed posts about:

  • How to successfully use ads in your business
  • How to create a really persuasive website
  • How to use group lessons to maximize profit (while still producing high quality students)
  • How to use surveys to create your marketing
  • How to diagnose why you aren’t getting more students

But – I’ve never given the high level overview in any one place.

In other words, I’ve been a little guilty of missing the forest because I’ve spent so much time talking about the trees…

Until now!!!!

I recently was invited to be a guest on the Female Musician Academy podcast.

On that podcast, I gave a complete studio business plan in about 45 minutes.


Never before have I painted the big picture as clearly as I did here…

So, if you are a novice at studio growth… this is going to be really helpful for you.

And – if you are more experienced – this will be a great refresher (and there are some new ideas and concepts that I talk about in here that I’ve never publicly shared before).

Click below to watch!















Would you rather read this?

Click here to download the transcript. 

Video Content

(0:00) Introduction to the Podcast
(0:47) Bree Noble Introduces Daniel / Daniel Shares His Background
(3:56) “I thought online marketing was a secret!” Why local studio owners still use traditional methods
(5:12) Case Study: How an L.A. Studio Owner 3x’d Her Income in 9 Months
(10:30) Case Study Analysis: The Studio Owner’s Language and Offer
(14:30) How making a specific offer defeats the “villain” for every parent
(16:10) Is it wrong to “persuade” your audience? Who + how to you persuade?
(19:36) Using social media to promote your studio – and avoiding the “endless treadmill”
(22:06) Do you have to post on social media constantly for attention?
(26:50) Your website’s biggest goal
(27:40) The “perfectly wrapped” intro lesson that locks in students
(30:48) What if people aren’t signing up for lessons?
(32:24) Why do I need a website? Can’t I just use Instagram?
(35:03) Can my website cover more than just my studio?
(38:42) How can I scale my studio after I’m maxed out with 1-on-1 lessons?
(41:08) Case Study: Studio Owner Minimized Work Hours with Group Lessons
(43:00) How do you set a price for group lessons?
(43:40) Why the learning environment is SO important – and how group lessons fit in
(45:53) Are group lessons as valuable as private lessons?
(46:54) How an online program can scale your studio
(48:39) The “dream” of online music courses
(51:10) The BEST business model for a music studio
(52:36) Wrap-up and some extra “secret sauce”




One thing I’ve discovered over the years is that repeated exposure to concepts has helped me really internalize them.

You might want to bookmark this page… and come back to this one.

If you follow this model, and you use the tactics given… it wouldn’t surprise me if you achieve big results in your studio.

Hundreds of studios that have worked with Grow have used this plan to grow local private studios, international online studios, or create a large regional school (with this plan as the core).

You can use it, too!

What do you think? What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments!



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Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. He began teaching in 2004. He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer.

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