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Attract Quality Students And Grow Your Studio Using My Step-by-Step Facebook Guide

“Daniel Patterson has created THE go-to resource for music studio owners to learn how to take advantage of Facebook to build community and grow their studios.

The Piano Teacher’s Ultimate Facebook Guide not only presents “how-to” information about creating a Facebook page, but also outlines specific strategies for engaging with Facebook followers and running ads that will generate leads with potential clients. Daniel’s guide is a must-read for any independent music teacher!”

Joy Morin

Piano Teacher and Blogger, ColorInMyPiano.com
“I’m reading through your Facebook Guide.
This is a GOLD mine of info that will benefit so many. Facebook is still a mystery to me , and I know this will be helpful to me and will be to countless other teachers as well.

This is legit, valuable material and VERY easy to read.”

Leila Viss

Piano Teacher and Blogger, LeilaViss.com, 88PianoKeys.me
“Your book is excellent. Finally had a chance to read it on my recent presenting travels. I’ve learnt new things.
It’s a perfect length and very well written.

Best one of its kind that I’ve read.”

Tim Topham

Piano Teacher and Blogger, TimTopham.TV
“The Piano Teacher’s Ultimate Facebook Guide helped me see the connection between my Facebook posts and new customer leads.

The guide is easy to understand and inspired me to take action. In fact, I changed my Facebook page the same day I read this guide. I saw an instant difference in how people responded to my posts!”

Greg Genter

Piano Teacher and Music School Owner, The Piano Express, Ashburn, VA
Your next student is already on Facebook…

Help them find you!

What will you learn in the Guide?

This guide is broken into three sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It contains everything you need to begin attracting new students on Facebook TODAY. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:
A Peek Inside the Guide...
  • The #1 piece of information that every teacher should have on their Web site, emails, and Facebook page to hook new students – 95% of teachers do not know this
  • How to build respect, goodwill, and loyalty with your current students using my Facebook page strategy – it takes less than 5 minutes to implement
  • What you absolutely must do on your Web site and social media profiles to pull in quality families who value musicand won’t hassle you about paying tuition on time
  • 14 specific attraction strategies that teachers can use to attract 38 new students (or more) in a few months
  • How to show your studio to 2,000 moms in less than 3 minutes – you can do this for free using only your laptop or smartphone
  • The exact scripts I use for persuading parents to share my Facebook page with their friends – works like magic!
  • A step-by-step guide to get started with Facebook ads – for as little as $1 dollar a day
  • Why you should NEVER just use the “Boost Post” button on Facebook – you might as well light a stack of $20s on fire
  • The exact settings you should use when creating a new Facebook ad. (These settings give you maximum impact for your investment.)
  • How you can decrease your ad budget by 84% and still get more students than you know what to do with!
I interviewed dozens of piano teachers and music school administrators. I asked them to
tell me exactly what they wanted to know about getting students on Facebook.

This guide is the result!

About Daniel Patterson

Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools.

He began teaching in 2004. He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer.

Daniel’s latest project is GrowYourMusicStudio.com. This site is the piano teacher’s best resource for learning how to grow and operate a profitable teaching studio or music school.

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