How To Fill Your Group Lesson Program



The following is an excerpt from the article I published in the June issue of Piano Bench Magazine.

This article is in depth. This is not just a cute "list post" or edu-tainment. There is a great mix between high-level strategy and ground-level tactics.

If you are serious about filling a group program or any expanded program in your studio, keep reading!

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The Problem

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a studio owner say some variation of these phrases: 

“We tried to start a group lesson program, but parents just seemed to want 1-on-1 lessons.” 

“We tried to start a summer program, but there just wasn’t any interest.” 

“Our program is in real trouble… I guess kids these days just don’t want music lessons anymore.” 

Does this sound familiar? Does it feel familiar? Have you said something like this? 

I’m very familiar with these phrases. I was saying these defeated, disempowering statements in 2008! 

In 2008, I had decided to start a group lesson program in my studio. I put the word out to everyone in my studio, assuming that almost everyone would go along with what I had planned. Only about 8% of my studio agreed to join the new program. 

That’s pretty bad – but, even worse, was the feeling that I didn’t know why people didn’t join. Worse still, I didn’t know what I could have changed.

This is where most studio owners find themselves when starting a new program. 

Why won’t parents just go along with what we say?!? They hired us to teach their children… don’t they realize we know what’s best?!? 

Truth is, it wasn’t my fault. There was no class in music school that trained me in the art of persuasion. Persuasion was what I needed. That’s what you need. 

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