A Short Movie On How To Increase The Number Of Students Contacting Your Music School

By the end of this video, you'll know the 4 things you need to get more students in your music school or studio

  • The System: I’ll show you exactly what to build
  • The Work: I’ll show you how to build it
  • The Results: I’ll show you what to expect once you build it
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What's in the video?

  • 0:29 Your time is important… 8 reasons to watch this video
  • 2:59 3 things you have to do to get predictable growth in your studio
  • 5:25 Hundreds of studios have learned from my 15 years of failures and successes
  • 8:16 The low-cost way to grow your studio
  • 11:48 How to generate attention for your studio… and where 90% of studio owners mistakenly focus
  • 13:35 How should I begin building my marketing machine?
  • 14:03 The four components of a successful studio marketing plan… every successful studio needs this to get more students
  • 19:43 What happens once I get all of this “right”? How will my studio become successful?
  • 24:51 How to implement this in your studio
  • End of video: 8 studio owners talk about their growth funnels



Life-Changing Growth in 90 Days Kim C. | Philadelphia, PA


"I Can Choose Which Students I Want to Work With Now" Karen L. | San Antonio, TX


More Free Time, More Opportunities, More Income Siri C. | Minneapolis, MN


Rapid Growth After Relocating Amy D. | Owings, MD


"I Doubled the Size of My Studio During the Pandemic" Jessica L. | Hyannis, MA


What our clients are saying...

"I've said it before, but this is really my biggest a-ha moment -- Marketing is not some amorphous magical thing that business people somehow can do. It is nothing more than communicating the value of my product to potential clients in a meaningful manner. This course taught me to find my market, find out what they need, and to communicate to them how my studio fulfills those needs.

And the fact that it's directed specifically at music studio owners is priceless to me -- I was scared enough of marketing without worrying about translating general stuff to my specific situation"

- Kelly (Manassas, VA)

"Our initial goal was to reach 100 students. We did that early on in the program. Then we set our next longer term goal of reaching 140 students and $10,000 a month. We recently broke through that goal too. I am confident that we will be able to continue to set new goals and reach them too. 

Starting out before my wife took your other Successful Group Lessons course, I did not think it was possible for a piano teacher to make 6 figures and your courses showed me I was wrong. (And in this case, I'm happy to be wrong!) Our new goals have changed because we want to continue to expand and push our limits. Part of this is due to seeing that we have been able to reach goals that looked impossible."

- Paul & Melissa (Hinesville, GA)

"It’s been so fascinating to see how thoroughly you’ve tied together all this content in a way that makes me go, "aha! That's why he had us do x, y, z first." I've been aware of the need to write good copy - my newsletters to families and lesson notes have helped me build my studio thus far. BUT, I was doing a poor job of truly integrating the words of parents and as a result I was NOT confident in what I was doing. Every email, the entire onboarding process, and even those newsletters felt like so much work, so much reinventing and not quite confidently knowing to my core what would resonate with these families. 

Not only do I have a clearer idea about how to do this, but I now see that the tools you've given us alongside good copy will give me the confidence that I have felt was missing for years." 

- Brett (New York, NY)

"My studio has grown and my confidence has grown. I think having new mindsets is helping me with my current students and improving my teaching and feelings towards my students. I am feeling more professional and confident and taking more responsibility for myself and my studio. I can only imagine where I can go .”

- Shannon (Chestnut Ridge, NY)

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this studio. It felt stale and empty- I was struggling to get my word out efficiently. I'm a good teacher but I didn't have a way to tell people about it. Now I can talk about what I do with language that speaks to the parent. I would say confidence and certainty that this is what I want to be doing have been the biggest changes.”

- Jill (Boston, MA)

"This training has shown me better ways to interact with student leads, create Google Ads, and a studio website. I'm better at communication with students and parents and it is helping student retention.

Teachers who are operating their own studio should take this class. It will help them stay in business. What used to be effective in advertising, isn't always working now and this class is really helpful in showing us what is working.”

- LeAnn (Columbia, IL)

"I love to learn and to improve my business - these are all the tools that I need, and they work. It has shown me the way, which would otherwise have taken me a gazillion years to figure out on my own!" 

- Sarah (Swindon, UK)

"My expectations were greatly exceeded. The content provided was organized, clear, and effective. The live sessions were incredibly valuable and gave a community feel to our normally lonely profession. The recommendations for further reading was icing on the cake. AND I didn't realize at first that I have access to all this wonderful stuff forever!!!  

Not only did I learn about marketing, I learned how to immediately implement each concept directly into my real life studio. I know I am going to keep coming back to these materials as I grow into a more skilled studio marketer." 

- Christiana (Boston, MA)