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Couple of things to keep in mind...

1) Specific results are based on the work and effort that each studio owner put into their program. I showed them how to get their program off of the ground - but they put in the time and energy.

2) These clients agreed to write a testimonial. No one has been compensated for their time or their testimonial.

"I joined Successful Group Lessons because I was extremely overworked and on the verge of burnout. This training wasn’t just valuable. It honestly was CRUCIAL in completely changing what I thought was possible with my studio and with my life. I am now teaching high-end group lessons as well as even higher-end private lessons. It is worth the investment many times over as I successfully and purposely went from teaching 40-45 hours a week to teaching just 20-25 hours a week and raising my income substantially in the process! My hourly rate has effectively DOUBLED within a few months"

David C. Brooklyn, NY

"I recently completed the successful group lessons training and I'm blown away. The content is incredible. I have just agreed on a larger space I am moving into shortly where I will have (initially) a 5 piano setup and as excited as I am to put the training into practice, I don't feel scared.  Daniels training has left me with a feeling of being very well prepared - the only downside is the amount of lost sleep due to having ideas flying around my head like fireworks after each training module. 

I can't wait to start implementing this training.  It was excellent value for money,  the support from other members who have taken the training is great - being able to see how others are doing at different stages of their journey is inspiring. If you are considering teaching in a group format, PLEASE don't go any further until you've seen what Daniel can offer.  It completely changed my idea of how to go about it for the better. You won't regret it."   

Lewis C. Milton Keynes, UK

"Only a few months before taking this training, I remember telling a student "You can't learn piano in a group class." And now that same student has been in SGL with me for nearly a year. His reading, rate of progress through his books, quality of playing and overall comfort at the piano are so much better. That's true for many of my students who transitioned and I'm getting amazing results from all the new students coming in.

I'm starting to see a studio that I'm proud to walk in to every day and I look forward to teaching now. Making triple the income per hour also doesn't hurt!"  

Sabrina M. Albuquerqe, NM

"I was expecting a marketing training, but instead got marketing training + curriculum + experiential (the videos!) + practical ways to implement + a complete ground-up rethinking of Pedagogy. The course content can be transferred to many domains, not just studios that want groups.  

I joined because I felt limited with the # of private students I could take on, and did not feel ready to expand and hire teachers yet. I also knew I needed to change the structure of my business & marketing strategies to boost leads. SGL is helping me implement strategies in the lessons, strategies in communication, and indirectly implement broader marketing strategies to grow my studio, do it gracefully so that parents have clear expectations, and keep my students confident and happy about their progress."  

Brett C. New York, NY 

"I joined SGL because I wanted to continue to grow my studio, without sacrificing my evenings so I can still have family time. I didn't have the confidence to switch over to group and had been wanting to eventually do this course when the time was right for me.

This was totally worth the investment and I'm excited to see how my first year goes starting this new program. To think I could teach 5 of my kids at once will be awesome! I think people who are looking to increase their finances and students but still have time in the evening should look into this program. What a fresh look at being a piano teacher! I believe this is cutting edge of piano lessons!" 

Melissa L. Hinesville, GA

"I now know your secret to successful multi-level group lessons and it totally makes sense. Its not just knowing what to do, it's knowing that it can be done. Everything is covered, plus we get to interact live with even more questions. 

An experienced piano teacher could start and succeed because you cover everything from A - Z clearly and then you show videos of it happening." 

Lindsay D. El Centro, CA 

"Previously I struggled to enroll new students in my group program; most parents simply opted for one to one lessons. It's early days but within the last 3 weeks I've had inquiries for a total of 6 new beginner students. These have all been placed into the group format by following the marketing strategy within the course!  

The training has been very valuable! So far, I've completely changed my marketing approach to that which is advocated in the course. The change in my results was immediately obvious. This wouldn't have happened before! I'm sure I'll continue to experience success with the same strategy going forward. I've found the process of converting current one to one to group much easier than I thought- all thanks to this course! I'd very much recommend SGL to anyone who is serious about expanding their studio through providing group lessons!"  

Frazer M. Livingston, UK 

"This course is organized and to the point. You will find lots of specific information and outlines and templates that will get you going with your group classes right away. You will get the opportunity to see firsthand how Daniel runs his group lessons with simplicity and ease. All your questions will be answered. Daniel is a terrific listener and never just gives canned answers. He gets to the the heart of your questions and gives you real workable solutions. 

It is much easier to get started on your adventure with top notch guidance and a support team, so go for it."  

Ruth M. Spokane, WA 

"Not only is the marketing good but the format of the lessons in the educational component make you feel equipped to offer a better product than a private lesson could ever do. I can’t wait to teach less hours, earn more money, and get better results for all my students this coming fall. 

Thanks Daniel, you have never disappointed me. For every dollar that I invest in your services I always end up getting 10 back and with more confidence and satisfaction at that."  

Eric R. Costa Mesa, CA 

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