The Metrics of Success

This video is taken from my studio growth training: Studio Marketing Masterclass. It is a free preview of what you'll learn in the Masterclass training.



I say this with no exaggeration. If you know and track these 4 numbers, you can grow your studio and income to any size you want.

There's a 5 minute introduction explaining how this will fit into your studio's growth strategy. And then...

  • The FREE Studio Marketing Masterclass training: Metrics of Success (skip to 5 min: 13 sec)
  • The 4 numbers to keep track of for studio health (skip to 7:55) 
  • How much it costs to run ads each year (skip to 11:50) 
  • How to know if your ad funnel is working and what to do to fix it (skip to 15:44)
  • The mistake most studio owners make when trying to grow their business (skip to 19:20)
  • The skills you need to build a successful sales funnel (skip to 20:30)
  • How to increase your effectiveness as a marketer (skip to 23:59)
  • A complete walkthrough of the Studio Marketing Masterclass training (skip to 26:47)
  • Conclusion and WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO! (skip to 40:40)


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