How Do You Find and Keep Committed,
Enthusiastic Students?


I’m Daniel, a private piano teacher and creator of Grow Your Music Studio.

If you will allow me just a minute of your time, I’d like to show you how to attract quality families, grow your studio to whatever size you want, and raise your rates by offering a premium experience to your students.

I began teaching privately 12 years ago. When I began teaching, I felt frustrated in my efforts to build a great teaching business.

Like many teachers, I noticed that:

  • many students and parents did not prioritize home practice
  • I was at the mercy of “word of mouth”… I would go months without finding a new student
  • parents would complain about tuition or haggle over the price of lessons
  • I wasn’t able to teach to my full potential – very few students made it to higher levels of achievement

I was well on my way to burning out as a piano teacher.

I tried the usual tricks, but something seemed off. No matter how creative I was in the games and curriculum that I used to motivate children, I barely saw a change in results.

The truth is, I had lost the battle before it began.

A studio of committed, enthusiastic students does not happen by accident… and it is not the result of hopping on the treadmill of increasingly elaborate schemes to motivate the stubborn, the bored, or the defiant.

When you join Grow Your Music Studio (for no cost!), you will get all of the powerful information that I’ve shared privately with teachers, including:

  • How your Web site, Facebook page, and other promotional materials are sending the wrong message and even repelling good students – and what you can do to change that
  • My exact word-for-word email and telephone scripts that persuade families to come in for a first lesson
  • The Facebook attraction strategy that I used to grow my private studio to 90 students (including the strategy I used to sign up 38 students in 12 weeks)
  • 14 free or “almost free” ways to use social media to get your studio in front of 1000’s of moms in less than a day
  • The #1 instructional goal that every teacher should have to keep students happy and smiling at the piano (do this, and you will keep good students for a long time)
  • A 3-step process for raising your rates without inciting a revolt with your student’s parents (and the “light” version of that advice if you are nervous about losing too many students)
  • My #1 piece of advice for creating an enviable reputation (I was making 3x per hour than any other teacher in my area after putting this in place)

When you sign up below, I will send you the very first “goodie”… a 52-page guide (with lots of pictures and how-to’s) that shows you how to build value with your current families and find new students using Facebook.

Years of effort went into testing and refining this information… it is yours to take!

Late tuition? Lack of practice? Constant
cancellations? Sports a priority over music?

Watch these problems MAGICALLY disappear when you attract families that have bought into
your vision. Let’s do this together!

Don’t want to join just yet?

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