Generate Students on Demand,
Grow Your Margins, and Scale Your Studio

Grow Your Music Studio offers training and coaching for studio owners who are committed to growth and excellence in their studio.
Over 300 studios have gone through our training programs since 2017… look below to see how you can get to your goals faster.

Studio Marketing Masterclass

Word of mouth isn’t enough… Get new students on autopilot using the most effective marketing techniques available to studio owners. Build client loyalty and longevity from the very beginning.


  • Only studio marketing training or membership in the world that gives you actual tested marketing campaigns
  • Copy / paste our most effective Facebook and Google campaigns into your account
  • Learn how to get 95+% of your inquiries to sign up with you…no more leads “ghosting” on you
  • Take our “traffic stack” strategy to get 100s of visitors to your website and social profiles each month
  • Learn how to build or improve a studio website to get 2x – 4x the number of lesson inquiries every month
  • Our marketing templates and scripts have been tested and used by hundreds of studios… use them in your studio to boost your income

Successful Group Lessons

See more students in less time with a high-quality group program.


  • Battle-tested group program curriculum that has been used by over 200 studios on 4 continents. We’ve helped studios ranging in size from 20 students to 500+ students
  • See multiple levels and ages of students at the same time… with no loss in instructional quality!
  • Get parents on board with our “4 Magic Marketing Messages.” Clients who use our “switchover” process experience 90%-100% conversion rates within one month
  • Learn how to adapt ANY traditional method to a group model… so that you don’t have to change method books to begin your program
  • Double or triple your enrollment without adding more hours or staff to your studio
  • Our group method has seen success with piano, guitar, violin, cello, drums, and voice programs

Scale Your Studio

Get your time back. Scaling doesn’t have to mean 70 hour work weeks. Whether you’re a studio of 50 or 500, your studio will grow organically when you build systems and invest in a team.


  • Steal all of our scaling templates: employee contracts, job descriptions, training manuals, and example systems from members of our studio community
  • I’ll show you the one business tool that transformed my business, helped me relax, and made it possible for my team to execute with consistency. We’ll get your business out of your head and into a manual… and the best news is, you won’t have to write it!
  • Use the hiring process and interview questions that have brought A+ assistants, teachers, admins, marketing employees, and other team players onto my team…don’t overthink this. Just follow this checklist!
  • Employees and clients will walk all over you if they sense a lack of leadership… learn the tools, communication principles, and mindsets that will enroll these people into your vision
  • Use my “Studio Delegation List” to get a vision for what you can immediately get off your plate. You will get hours of your life back every week as soon as you watch this training video

Grow Executive Business Coaching

Our premier 1-to-1 leadership and business development program. Elite performers in all fields realize they never arrive…they want outside support to help them achieve extraordinary goals.


  • The agenda and the program is you. We work together to design a custom coaching plan that will get you to your goals
  • No goal is too large. We will get you to your goals faster. Period.
  • References available upon request. We’ve lost count of the number of studios we’ve helped to both double and triple income in 6 – 12 months, or improve margins in their business. Our clients rave about the results they get
  • We’ve helped studio owners develop income streams outside of their studio: building a successful online business, writing a book / instructional method, starting an international music therapy practice, launching a second location for their music school, and more
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