Get new students on auto-pilot & increase
your revenue by 1000s per month

Studio Marketing Masterclass

  • Understand marketing
  • Create your messaging
  • Copy/paste our proven funnel
  • Run inexpensive ads
  • Earn 1000s more in monthly profit

Intermediate - advanced program

More students,
more profit

Training Length
- 14 weeks

What is it?
Online Training,
Online Mastermind

What is it?

The Masterclass is a 14-week online training with over 30 hours of video, live coaching calls, and checklists that help you improve your marketing.

Who is it for?

The Masterclass is for any studio owner that struggles to get and keep students. It works for any studio regardless of your previous marketing experience. We’ve had brand new studios join the training; we’ve had studios with 600+ students join this training.

How does it work?

Watch the training on your computer or mobile device and complete the module action checklists. Use our pre-made tools and templates in your studio from the very first day that you join. If you run into trouble, join our live Q&A sessions. If you do the work, you get the results.

Why does Grow Your Music Studio offer this training?

Most studio growth programs give you “hacks”, “tips”, and conceptual ideas that you have to figure out on your own. The Masterclass actually GIVES you enrollment and phone scripts, ad campaigns, and website templates that have been proven. You set them up based on the training we give you… and then get the results at a fraction of the cost of having a marketing agency build all this out for you.

When does it start?

The Masterclass begins on the day you register. There’s nothing stopping you from beginning today and attracting new students within weeks.

Here’s How Your Studio Will Grow

Studio growth isn’t magic. You need more people discovering your studio. There are a few efficient, inexpensive, and effective ways to do that. We show you these ways in this training.

Effective Messaging

Most studios just offer “lessons.” We show you how to discover the messaging that will build studio loyalty and differentiate you from your competition.

Student Conversion

You don’t need “leads.” You need students. We show you how to take these leads through a persuasion funnel that ends in a paid signup. No more leads “ghosting” or disappearing on you.

Lead Generation

You can’t grow without more visibility. We’ve shown studios how to increase their inquiries by 2x, 5x, 10x per month. We teach both free and paid ad methods.

Marketing Automation

We show our students how to manage their new marketing system in as little as 30 minutes a month. Spend your time focusing on your work – not on managing your marketing.

What’s in Studio Marketing Masterclass?

We have carefully designed this training to give you what you need to choose how many new students you get each month. Click the + to see what’s inside each module.

Course Total Running Time: 23:56:09

Module 1: Your Foundation
7 Sessions
  • The 5 Questions About Studio Marketing
  • How to Succeed in This Training
  • Studio Funnel 101
  • The Metrics of Success
  • Marketing Metrics Worksheet
  • Working Together
  • Live Session
Module 2: Your Customer
6 Sessions
  • Big Problems and Target Market
  • What Are Your Customers Really Thinking?
  • Pit, Path, and Paradise
  • Sample PPP Research to Get You Started
  • Bonuses
  • Live Session
Module 3: Your Website
5 Sessions
  • The Role of Your Website
  • Website Strategy
  • Success Checklist for Websites
  • What about SEO?
  • Live Session
Module 4: Your Message
7 Sessions
  • Principles of Persuasive Messaging
  • What's Your Offer?
  • The 7 Part Framework
  • 7 Part Framework for Web Pages
  • 7 Part Framework for Email and Miscellaneous
  • Live Session
  • Watch this to get better at attracting students with copy
Module 5: Your Leads
9 Sessions
  • Your Traffic Plan
  • Paid Traffic Sources
  • Google Ads Green Light Session
  • Massive Google Ads Tutorial
  • Google Ads 201
  • Google Ads Overview
  • Bonuses
  • Live Session
  • What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads
Module 6: Your Conversion
11 Sessions
  • Customers Behaving Badly
  • Following up With Your Leads
  • Customer Communication
  • The Introduction Lesson
  • BONUS: Introductory Lesson Recording
  • Increasing Student Retention
  • BONUS: Action Session
  • Never Lose a Student Tool
  • Bonuses
  • Live Session
  • Can you use marketing to keep kids and parents excited about staying in lessons? How do you retain them longer?
Module 7: Your System
4 Sessions
  • Evaluating Your Ads Account
  • Scheduling Your Evaluation
  • Live Session
  • Personal Evaluation
Module 8: Your Strategy
5 Sessions
  • Your Business Journey
  • Your Marketing System
  • What's Next?
  • Bonuses
  • Live Session

What Our Students Are Saying

We know our training is the best in the world. But, don’t take our word for it! Listen to what our students have to say:


Growing a Big Studio in a Rural Area! It Can Be Done!

Steve S.

More Free Time, More Opportunities, More Income

Siri C.

Rapid Growth After Relocating

Amy D.

“I Doubled the Size of My Studio During the Pandemic”

Jessica L.

Life-Changing Growth in 90 Days

Kim C.
“I’ve said it before, but this is really my biggest ah-ha moment — Marketing is not some amorphous magical thing that business people somehow can do. It is nothing more than communicating the value of my product to potential clients in a meaningful manner. This course taught me how to find my market, find out what they need, and to communicate to them how my studio fulfills those needs.

And the fact that it’s directed specifically at music studio owners is priceless to me — I was scared enough of marketing without worrying about translating general stuff to my specific situation.”

Kelly M.

Manassas, VA

“5 months and some amazing work later, I have almost doubled my enrollment. I have a smarter, sharper way of thinking about my programming, after pointing everything toward a customer-oriented message.

Less time goes into answering leads, phone calls and payment processing, freeing up time for not only creating revenue, but for putting energy toward creative projects- something I’ve been desperate to focus on.”

Jill B.

Boston, MA
“My expectations were greatly exceeded. The content provided was organized, clear, and effective. The live sessions were incredibly valuable and gave a community feel to our normally lonely profession. The recommendations for further reading was icing on the cake. AND I didn’t realize at first that I have access to all this wonderful stuff forever!!!

Not only did I learn about marketing, I learned how to immediately implement each concept directly into my real life studio. I know I am going to keep coming back to these materials as I grow into a more skilled studio marketer.”

Christiana D.

Cedarburg, WI
“This Masterclass helped me realize the importance of marketing to promote my piano studio… I learned that it takes much more than simply writing an ad and hoping to get results. The steps of this course helped me to research my customer, improve my copywriting and understand the different mediums through which I can reach my customers and acquire new students. It also taught me that it is not a “one and done” project, but that it is a process that will continue to improve and develop.

I also appreciated how accessible Daniel was and how he was truly invested in our success as individuals and for our studios.”

Nicklas C.

Gilbert, AZ

“Our studio has evolved as many others from a single teacher one to a multi-teacher studio. When we started working towards the new goal, we felt lost in marketing. We didn’t like marketing at all and it was all a big black box, no windows. We thought marketing was about tricking someone into getting to work with you and definitely we didn’t like that feeling.

We joined the training at the same time we were starting at our new commercial location and are now confident this was the right decision and definitively worth every single penny. We now know how to address our customers (parents and adults), how to relate to them and we also have the tools to create great working marketing campaigns.

Lastly, our results:

We started at our commercial location in November 2018 with 37 students and 3 teachers. Just 5 months after (April 2018) we are counting 104 students and 9 teachers and growing! Our goal for this first school year was to reach 100 students by July. Numbers speak for themselves. And we didn’t even have the time to apply everything we’ve learned yet. We’ve got a big to-do list that will help us grow even more at a steady pace.

Thanks to this training (and our hard work) we are now sure we will survive our first year as a business.

Thanks again Daniel and the team!”

Elena + Marta M.

London, England
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