How to start a multi-level group lesson program
in your studio within weeks… that doesn’t
require a new curriculum!

Successful Group Lessons

  • Create / improve a group program
  • Improve studio margins by 2x-3x
  • Instant Sightreading method
  • Get parent buy-in
  • Summer Camp Income bonus

Intermediate program

More students,
increase margins

Training Length
3 weeks

What is it?
Online Training
Online Mastermind

When does it start?

Successful Group Lessons begins on the day you register. There’s nothing stopping you from beginning today!

What is it?

Successful Group Lessons is a 3 week online training with 25 hours of video, an alumni support group, and live Q&A webinars

Who is it for?

Over 200 studios have taken this training… from small studios of 20, to large studios with over 500 children enrolled. It works for any studio that is committed to offering high-quality instruction in a group environment. It is a must-have training for studio owners who are nervous about “convincing” customers to enroll their children in a group lesson program. It works for any studio that offers the following instruments: piano, guitar, drums, strings, and voice.

What’s in the training?

The training is divided into 3 parts: logistics, marketing, and education. We give you detailed instructions on what equipment you need, how to manage your group classroom, how to get current families on board with our “Magic Email” conversion process, and very detailed instructions on how to get stellar educational results with children. Furthermore, there are hours of observation videos so you can see how a group runs and how to get students sight-reading independently (with no exceptions) within two lessons of beginning in your studio.

How does it work?

Watch or listen to the training on your computer or mobile device and complete the session action checklists. Use our pre-made “Magic Conversion Emails,” and templates in your studio from the very first day that you join. If you run into trouble, join our live Q&A sessions or ask a question in the support group. If you do the work, you get the results.

Why does Grow Your Music Studio offer this training?

There is no other group method in the world that shows you how to adapt your current teaching materials into a group format. There is no other group training in the world that covers every element of running a program: from logistics to marketing to education + our extensive vault of Bonus material.

When does it start?

The Successful Group Lessons training begins on the day you register. There’s nothing stopping you from beginning today and implementing a new group program within weeks. The current record held by one of our alumni is 23 days from beginning the training to converting their entire studio.

The Benefits of the Successful Group Lessons Method

Deciding to create a group lesson program is more than just a way to see more students. It is a strategic decision that has huge implications for your studio.  Below are just a few of the benefits of implementing a group program in your studio.

Better Margins

Most studios are “locked” at a low hourly rate. Your margins will be 2x-3x the average studio, which means you can invest in better equipment, better marketing, and better experiences for your students.

Better Students

Your student’s educational results are directly affected by the environment in which they learn. Students in our group program are more engaged and “own” their skill. They are more independent.

Better Educational Results

Our average student is passing three books a year. Our beginners are learning 6-10 pages per week! We show you how to duplicate these results in the “Six Educational Principles” module.

Better Studio

Retention, loyalty, word of mouth, premium rates… all of these are by-products of clients who are thrilled with the results they’re getting. We’ll show you how to achieve growth through a group program.

What’s in Successful Group Lessons?

We have carefully designed this training to give you what you need to choose how many new students you get each month. Click the + to see what’s inside each module.

Course Total Running Time: 17:07:04

Group Lesson Observation
1 Session
  • Group Lesson Observation
Course Overview
1 Session
  • Course Overview
Introduction to Successful Group Lessons
1 Session
  • Introduction to Successful Group Lessons
Session 1: The Ultimate Guide to Equipment and Logistics
1 Session
  • Session 1: The Ultimate Guide to Equipment and Logistics
Session 2: The Orderly Studio – Systems and Group Procedures
1 Session
  • Session 2: The Orderly Studio - Systems and Group Procedures
Session 3: Effective Classroom Control
1 Session
  • Session 3: Effective Classroom Control
Session 4: How To Grow Your Group Lesson Program
1 Session
  • Session 4: How To Grow Your Group Lesson Program
Session 5: How To Convert Your Studio to Group Lessons With Just 3 Emails
4 Sessions
  • The Offer Email
  • The Follow Up Email
  • The Reminder Email
  • BONUS: My Standard
2 Sessions
  • TECHNICAL SESSION: How to Schedule Your Group Program
  • fd
Session 6: Marketing to New Students, My Group Sales Pitch, and Customer Service + Q& A
1 Session
  • Session 6: Marketing to New Students, My Group Sales Pitch, and Customer Service + Q& A
Video Observations
7 Sessions
  • Observation 1: A Trial Lesson In Action
  • Observation 2: Jaden Comes to His First Group Lesson
  • Observation 3: Jaden Comes to His Second Group Lesson
  • Observation 4: How To Teach the Staff In Group
  • Observation 5: Group Lesson With Older Students
  • (BONUS) Practical Education + 3 Hour Q&A
  • SGL Summer Camp Bonus
The Vault: Logistics
8 Sessions
  • 45 min. individual vs 60 min. group pricing?
  • Within the group, what about a student that isn't being disruptive but isn't staying on task?
  • How much of the lesson do you spend passing last week's pieces and working on this week's pieces? What do you do if they have basically mastered what you were planning to assign?
  • How much do you write in their assignment books? Detailed instructions or just the name of the piece?
  • How do I handle older kids & younger kids being in the same group & make sure the older kids don't feel they're in a remedial program?
  • How do I manage the behavior of younger kids settling into the group environment?
  • How do I manage the behavior of transfer kids in the group environment?
  • How do I handle transitions to group when things don't click for the student, they move slowly, and they tend to be more insecure/needy?
The Vault: Marketing Questions
10 Sessions
  • What do you say when parents ask you what happens when their kid becomes advanced?
  • Marketing to newbies - general advice?
  • How should I tell parents I'm converting from travel studio to home?
  • How do I market group lessons without making private lessons sound substandard?
  • Can you market yourself as both a casual teacher for less committed students and a serious teacher for more advanced students?
  • Should I raise the rate with legacy kids now and then introduce group lessons or just wait?
  • Should I focus on the price benefit for students joining group or just brush over it?
  • Is it worth pushing if I sent my offer letter out and didn't get a response from a few prime candidates for group?
  • If a prospective Student calls you, do you do an interview first or send an email first (a marketing email)?
  • What's your advice on sending out an email to families who may not know the program is group?
The Vault: Education Questions
19 Sessions
  • Questions About Group Teaching Answered - Coaching Transcript
  • How do you handle students in group using iPads + keyboard? (headphones or no headphones?)
  • How do I convince current private students that group is great without causing them to feel like their current lesson experience is bad?
  • What do you do with kids that are struggling to read notation or struggling academically in general?
  • Do you use Piano Safari or things more based around rote learning in the home?
  • What do students need to practice at home?
  • Screening process and keeping track of practicing?
  • How would you work with a kid on playing a lead sheet?
  • How do you track progress?
  • Do you use Faber theory & technique, as well as lesson?
  • Do you take transfer students & how do they adjust?
  • Avg. kid for Primer: how many pieces do you keep and how many are new each week?
  • Can you elaborate on the verbiage you use for different personality types?
  • What do you say to parents and students about practice? (How much vs.
  • How do you handle transfer students who have gaps in their knowledge?
  • How do I handle transitioning current, non-independent private students to group?
  • Which Faber books do you use? How do you handle siblings taking group lessons at the same time?
  • How do you prepare students for exams and recitals?
  • How to Introduce or Teach 8th Notes in Group Setting
BONUS: Teaching Online in Groups
1 Session
  • BONUS: Teaching Online in Groups

What Our Students Are Saying

There is no other training on group lessons that teaches how to get extraordinary results in a multi-level group. But, don’t take our word for it! Listen to what our students have to say:

Converting a Multi-Teacher Studio to Group Lessons

Kyle McKenna

From 35 to 150 Students in 9 Months

Paul & Melissa Lucas

“This Way of Teaching is Better Than Open Air Groups”

Karen Miller

“Freed My Time and Increased My Income By 50% in 1 Year”

Deb Lentz

“In the last five years or so of teaching, I’ve found that my students are practicing less and less at home. The traditional one-on-one lesson format that I’ve been working with for over 35 years has been increasingly frustrating for me, and for my students. I had considered several other models of group lessons over the past few years, but hadn’t found one that I felt would really work well for my students and still allow me to use the materials (repertoire and technology) that I have grown to love.

Daniel’s SGL training is so thorough and well thought out.  He takes you step-by-step through the entire process, covering many issues that I hadn’t even considered. Being able to watch the videos and study the notes as I have the time to do so has been perfect for my busy schedule!  The additional resource of the private Facebook Group is a treasure chest of real, in-the-field stories of teachers who have already “been there, done that”.

I can honestly say that this is the most excited I’ve been about teaching in a very long time.  That excitement made it very easy to convert almost my entire studio over to the new format in a matter of weeks! Students have been eager for the change, as they no longer have to apologize for not practicing between lessons. Parents are looking forward to seeing (and hearing) better progress, without having to nag students to practice as much. I am most looking forward to what I believe will be much better practice habits across the board.

From a personal standpoint, I’m already seeing two rewards – I no longer teach on Saturdays, and I’m finishing earlier two nights during the week (with no loss of income). To me, that makes the investment worth every penny! I will also admit to really loving the beautiful almost-silence in my studio while students are working away with their headphones on. I believe that any teacher who is aching for a change — who wants to stop teaching the same lesson to their students week after week — owes it to themselves to give this a try.”

Anna Fagan

Clermont, FL

“I joined SGL because I didn’t see my studio growing, due to time and space constraints.  I knew groups were the only way to increase my student base and income, but had no idea how to do it or if I had the energy to do it.  Completely skeptical (and frightened) of grouping kids together, I toyed with the idea of taking this training for over a year. But, ultimately decided that I either had to make a positive change in my studio or shut it down….Daniel’s story of how he had once needed to do the same finally convinced me to enroll.  The training was nothing like I thought it would be — it was easy, I felt very secure and comfortable with making changes to my studio, I was immediately on board with the value of teaching in groups once I learned this method.

My excitement for the program spilled over to my students right away…they were excited to change, and so were the parents.  I converted my studio within a month of the training and enjoy teaching 100% better. I also truly believe this way of teaching to be more beneficial to my students, and would highly recommend the training to any teacher who wants their students to be stronger readers and more independent.  It’s been worth the investment simply because I’m enjoying teaching more than I have in decades, and it has quadrupled my income-per-hour ratio.”

Susan Flinn

Stafford, VA

“This course is organized and to the point. You will find lots of specific information and outlines and templates that will get you going with your group classes right away. You will get the opportunity to see firsthand how Daniel runs his group lessons with simplicity and ease. All your questions will be answered. Daniel is a terrific listener and never just gives canned answers. He gets to the the heart of your questions and gives you real workable solutions. 

It is much easier to get started on your adventure with top notch guidance and a support team, so go for it.”

Ruth Michaelis

Spokane, WA

“After having taught group lessons for slightly over 2 years, I was disappointed that out of more than 70 students I only had 4 group classes running.  I knew that I needed help with how to market effectively, along with making some further improvement to the educational component.

After reading through multiple blogs and websites I found Daniel’s site and subscribed to receive his emails.  His content resonated far more with me than other content I had read elsewhere! The training has been very valuable!  So far, I’ve completely changed my marketing approach to that which is advocated in the course. The change in my results was immediately obvious.  Previously, I struggled to enroll new students in my group program; most parents simply opted for one-to-one lessons. Within the last 3 weeks I’ve had enquiries for a total of 6 new beginner students. These have all been placed into the group format by following the marketing strategy within the course! This wouldn’t have happened before! I’m sure I’ll continue to experience success with the same strategy going forward.

I’ve found the process of converting current one-to-one to group much easier than I thought- all thanks to this course! I’d very much recommend SGL to anyone who is serious about expanding their studio through providing group lessons!”

Frazer Mitchell

Livingston, UK
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